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because a 'tache is the best form of defence!

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Hand Made in Britain

Bespoke Moustache Cups

Fancy a mug but wish it was in another colour; adore the colouring but dislike the cup: perhaps you would like one with an inscribed name/ insignia made to your specifications; maybe you just wish it harboured more relief decoration - what you need is the Moustache Cup Bespoke Service. Let's talk pots!

Custom Made Moustache Cups

Bespoke moustache cups are custom made slipware cups, each handmade and unique to you.

Just like every moustache is different.

It takes approximately 6-8 weeks, from start to finish, to make a moustache cup. Every cup is handmade, thrown on a wheel. No moulds are used.


We urge you to order your cup well in advance of birthdays/anniversaries to avoid disappointment.



Extra Firings

We may, for an additional cost, be able to conduct an earlier firing. From £12 a firing. Please enquire.


Christmas Period

If you would like a custom-made cup in time for Christmas then the order must be placed no later than third week of October.


To get started, just send us an email at: [email protected] (addressed to Thomas if you like) for an informal chat. My Moustache Cup looks forward to hearing from you!

Whatever the design may be, My Moustache Cup can hand-craft a unique Moustache Cup or mug to suit you. Prices below reflect the most popular options, but don't hesitate to ask if there's something else you have in mind - see below for an example of an extremely unique custom made vessel!  

Custom Made Moustache-Less Cups

Moustache-less cups are vessels without the whisker protection. They also simply go by name of 'mugs'. For ladies and moustacheless men this would make a most thoughtful gift, if we don't say so ourselves.

Bock - Germany

Wessex Beardsmen

Daines - Bath

Stevens - Lancashire

Elena & Carlo





450g Gregarious Gentleman.........

550g Fetching Fella........................

650g Dandy Dweller......................

1000g Charming Chap...................







Base Price For Choosing Colour(s) & Style Of Cup*







Inscribed Text (up to 20 characters).......

3D Relief.............................................

Inscribed Drawing (you provide image)

Inscribed Drawing (we'll design image)

Additional Costs





*Blue Colour (colbalt) incurs an additional cost:

Under 700g cup = £5          

Over 700g cup = £8

10% OFF on orders of two or more cups.