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A Weekend in Wessex

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This April post comes in May as Rebecca and I have been busy with bespoke orders, email correspondence and having to photograph around 50 cups in between our 9-5 jobs. Luckily the bank holiday has given us a chance to play catch up as we add some new cups to the website (all of which need naming) and do a write up of our time in Yeovil, speaking of which…


We arrived in South Somerset about 6 ½ hours after we had set off from Morecambe, Lancashire. This was due to unforeseen road works and relying on an old satnav that refused to re-route, trying relentlessly to take us down a road that was closed. Still, with a general idea of which direction we needed to head towards, we managed to ignore the satnavs wailings and found ourselves in the lovely town of Yeovil.


We had booked the Manor Hotel on the cheap with an English Inn discount, which happened to be literally round the corner from the venue - The 94 Club. This turned out to be extremely advantageous, as drinking Somerset cider, a concoction of ales on tap and a couple of glasses of wine later on, meant finding our way back to the Hotel wasn’t as particularly challenging as it could have been.



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Check out the Wessex Beardsmen facebook page or click the image to go directly to their website.

Beautiful photography by Bertrand Vessier.

Saturday morning was a lovely sunny day as we set off to The 94 Club. Being our first stall event we weren’t entirely sure what to expect, but Andy Teague and the Wessex gang sorted us out and before long we were swapping stories and talking shop with the other sponsors. The Dandy Lions were first in queue to buy a Moustache Cup and the Bilfs (Beard I'd Like To Fondle) kept us entertained. Shout out especially to Mariner Jack who neighboured us - a lovely couple who offered us everything from extension cables to bottles of water and biscuits!


The event truly kicked off when judges started studying the hirsute line of men. Expertly judged by a panel who, might we add, had no hesitation touching the competitors.  Andy Teague introduced the competitors individually - highlighting unique facial hair anecdotes and kept the crowds cheering and clapping.


There were 4 contenders in the ‘Natural Moustache’ category who presented the best moustache their genetics could muster - without the use of styling aids. This meant that just one contender would be, as Stu from Hirsuite For Happiness/Fine Fettle put it ‘The Best Loser”. The 4th place champion Paul Card may never live it down.


Whilst enjoying the marvellous spectacle of beards and some of the finest hirsute around - and getting tips for re-growing my own whiskers, which I had shaved off months before due to poor husbandry - we also managed to flog a variety of cups at a 10% discount (we don’t do sales, so this was the best price being offered to our Championship patrons) and managed to pick up a few bespoke orders for good measure too.


The Wessex Beardsmen really must be congratulated on such an amazing job organising this event, making it into the huge success that it was - all for charity. Fantastic. May we meet you all again soon.