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We make moustache cups; it’s what we do during our waking hours: we love it. Joyous are the days spent using our hands to make and promote functional objects that hairy folk can use to improve their lives. We also love a trip away; a chance to see some of the world, expand our consciousness and meet some other beings, we probably wouldn’t otherwise have met.


Needless to say, when Andy Teague (president of the Wessex Beardsmen) outlined a proposal where these two activities could combine one weekend in April ’15 - an occasion which foretold of moustache and beard plumage strutting around Yeovil as far as the eye could see - we didn’t hesitate in kindly accepting his offer of making some bespoke moustache cups.


The self-described south-west area ‘thatch’ of The British Beard Club are holding their second Beard & Moustache Competition, where facial hair of all descriptions and persuasions will be judged, alongside their brethren, by experts of the highest calibre; the best being awarded prizes for their very existence. The contenders in the ‘Natural Moustache’ category who present the best moustaches genetics can muster - without the use of styling aids – will be rewarded with either a 1st, 2nd or 3rd highly prized commemorative moustache cup.


In addition to this honour we will also be there in person, flogging our wares (brand spanking new moustache cups, if the kiln gods are inclined) to anyone present who wishes to be a patron of our business; come and say hello if you too will be enjoying what promises to be a marvellous spectacle.


My Moustache Cup doesn’t often have the chance to leave the pottery, so a visit to the untravelled destination of Somerset to see some of the finest hirsute chaps will be one of the highlights of 2015. See you there,



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Check out the Wessex Beardsmen facebook page or click the image to go directly to their website.