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Beguiling Buddies


After much delay and anticipation My Moustache Cup proudly presents for purchase the new cups and saucers range; which will be known by the moniker of Beguiling Buddy.


The addition of a saucer is what marks them out from all the other moustache cups currently available.


My Moustache Cup felt it was important in our own development to offer a new type of moustache cup, and as teacups are a distinctive part of the British tea drinking cultural tradition, dating back to the very first brews on these shores in the 17th century, the direction for us to take was crystal clear.


Keeping you in the know on all things my moustache cup.

Doyle (3) (Small)

Beguiling Buddies: The Teacup & Saucer Special.


The form these vessels take and the manner in which they are employed varies from culture to culture, as can be most clearly seen in the tea bowls originating from the Far East and the tea ceremony ritual, especially in Japan.


Our Beguiling Buddies are our first steps following in this long and ennobled tradition, as we continue to strive on improving our product range and the quality of our output.