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Why A Bespoke Moustache Cup?


A favourite drinking vessel is something special: the weight of it in your grasp; the accommodation of your fingers by the handle; the feel on your lips as you sip from it. A bespoke moustache cup can provide all of these elements which make the daily drinking ritual all the more sensual.


An email to My Moustache Cup will get the process underway; your ideas will be discussed and a drawing which realises your design will be presented for approval.


The price will be set at this point and upon commencing the commission a deposit of 50% will be required – with the rest being paid upon completion before postage.


Keeping you in the know on all things my moustache cup.

Custom Made Moustache Cup

Bespoke Wedding Anniversary Cups


This is when pots can start to be made with gusto. Emailed photographs of the different stages of making will keep you up to date and illustrate the techniques that go into making a moustache cup: from forming the vessel itself on a potters’ wheel; to the addition of a handle, sprigs and moustache ledge; to covering the pot in slip; and finally the glaze application.


When the cup is finished a photo will be emailed along with the swift postage of the moustache cup itself.

Intrigued? Have questions? Please head along to our bespoke page for more details.