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The Makings Of Something Larger


Making a new batch of Moustache Cups is always a time of mixed feelings. The overwhelming feelings are happy ones, such as excitement and joy, as I anticipate what playful approaches to making may be on trial during this upcoming period.


Perhaps new techniques will be discovered and maybe old ones will become more engrained into muscle memory; once again broadening my horizons to what is possible with discipline and patience.


This outlook is inevitably peppered by questions bathed in gloom which tussle for my thoughts. Will I notice any development or improvement in my work, and the way in which pots are approached and analysed?


Keeping you in the know on all things my moustache cup.

Mr Blue Sky Left Handed Moustache Cup (4)

Larger cups - or should I say tankards - are on their way.


Will the raw materials, the fundamental matter with which I work, be consistent with what I’m used to or will they require an approach to which I’m unaccustomed? Do I really need to spend hours sorting out clay and cleaning up the studio before I can even start work?


Eventually my mind settles in a space which is comfortable enough to allow me to concentrate on trying to make high quality pots without the constant doubts of ‘what if this happens?’; but never comfortable enough that I slacken the vigour and energy I try to approach each making session with, mindful of the self-imposed deadline and need to push myself.


Which is why the new batch of moustache cups will feature the largest cups I’ve ever made. So large in fact that I don’t think cups is an appropriate word to describe them; they’re definitely moustache tankards. This new range, ‘Charming Chaps’ will hold around 1 pint of beverage and available online in April. For those of you whom have signed up to the Moustache Cup Newsletter you’ll of course have first dibs.