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Of course here at Moustache Cup we encourage the manly art of cultivating facial hair all year round, nonetheless, the Movember foundation is a worthy organisation and we fully support and cheer on their cause.


Movember has successfully increased early cancer detection through its awareness campaign. Helped by selfies depicting the 30 days of facial growth, this mo growing fun campaign, has ultimately reduced the number of preventable deaths - not bad for a few whiskers-gone-viral.


Movember’s successful campaign for men’s health issues has, however, incidentally also resulted in the widespread ‘moustache’ trend.


Keeping you in the know on all things my moustache cup.

The portmanteau Movember (as I’m sure you readers are mindful of) is an annual event involving the growth of a tache during the month of November whom aim to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer.

Now occasionally, once in a blue moon, mainstream trends align with one’s own sense of fashion. Of course you folk know as well as I do that facial hair is above the wave of trends, still, it’s always nice to know the mainstream folk appreciate your style.  This alliance with a trend indulgently provides you with legitimate hipster status as you claim “I fetched a moustache before it went mainstream” before eagerly conversing about the abundance of wax products and new wave of gentlemen’s attire.


Regrettably, with this widespread approval of the moustache, comes with it a cause for concern. This hashtag devoted trend has become so prevalent that I doubt there isn’t a single item/product in existence that does not have some kind of moustache transfer slapped upon it, before being mass produced to planet earth. A minor niggle has been the hijacking of the name ‘Moustache Cup’ to mean a cup with an image (normally a transfer) of a moustache on it, making searches for the real deal a frustrating experience.


Now, I am not here to judge those who wish to pay for an overpriced white porcelain mug with a cheap tache transfer (although forgive me, I think I just did) where all the profits go directly to the bandwagon big boxed companies, without a single penny going to back to the charities that this trend originated from.


I don’t mean to sound so cynical and scornful. Of course large big boxed companies will ride any trend and try to squeeze out a few extra pounds from gimmicky products sold to the masses, but doing this in 'Movember', taking advatange of the moustache trend without giving anything back to the just doesn't sit right with me. Still, take what I say with a pinch of sugar, sup from your brew in your moustache protecting cup and always:


Remember, remember, November’s Movember.

moustache cup transfer

Jumping on the moustache trending bandwagon - without a thought for the movement that spurred it.