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My Moustache Cup hopes you had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa brought you lots of happiness shaped presents; however we can’t help but mull over how many of the gifts we receive will still be going strong in the run up to next Christmas.


Have you ever noticed that when stuff we’ve bought stops working we just shrug it off and sigh ‘ah well, it’s had a good-un’. This may be true for items that are of a certain application or vintage; a radio your granddad bought when he was your age and still uses, but can it really be said of a toaster that probably hasn’t seen 500 slices of bread?


Unless as a species we are just innately heavy handed and liable to breaking stuff, we have become a society that just accepts stuff doesn’t last as long as we think it probably ought to; perhaps because of a lingering suspicion that some things are designed and constructed purposely without longevity in mind.

A Moustache Cup Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas.

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With regards to making goods with integrity, referring to The Sale of Goods Act 1979 for clarity and definition is ropey at best - inevitably so given the scope of goods that could potentially be applied to the standard - as there isn’t any definition to say exactly how long goods should last. A rule of thumb is that goods should last for a reasonable time and in reasonable condition; this is the crux of the matter. Our standards of what to ‘reasonably’ expect aren’t set in stone change and by degrees are subject to change over time.


My Moustache Cup likes happy customers; it makes us feel all fuzzy inside to hear tales of the merrymaking our cups participate in. This is why to put it very crudely, we don’t want customers returning. Once you have a trusty moustache cup, you probably don’t need another one. We like to think that you’ll break the cup in a moment of clumsiness or ecstasy, depending on your persuasion, before it lets you down; because a moustache cup is for life, not just for Christmas.

Moustache Cups are for life not just for Christmas

A Moustache Cup Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas.