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My Moustache Cup are extremely thankful for the support of our ‘fans’ – is that the right word? Our trusty patrons not only support what we do - via investing in a cup which lessens the number of wet whisker incidents -  but they also offer us invaluable insight into what products of ours they like, why they like them and wonder if we’ve ever thought of doing ‘this brilliant idea’. The decision to make Couples Cups was proffered to us in just such a fashion, but that was so last year: we’ve been busy since then.


The latest range of cups we’re offering up for your delight are called ‘Charming Chaps’ – the cup which is more tankard than humble tea drinking vessel and holds a pint (and some).


Keeping you in the know on all things my moustache cup.

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Terrific tankards are now on sale!


We felt encouraged to make these because most of our patrons do not just drink tea: we have noted on occasion that some are also quite partial to something a little stronger; this is where the charming chap comes into its own.


There’s little point in preserving dry whiskers whilst sipping tea in cordial company, only to let a pint of stout ale tear up the joint that is your moustache, come an evening session of hearty pleasures.


Made using the same techniques as all the rest but with a little more clay thrown in (990g to be precise) we hope these tankards will assist in the daily struggle to keep your facial hair looking its hirsute best.