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Hand Made in Britain

Charity Donation

When you buy any moustache cup from My Moustache Cup, 25% of the profit from that cup is donated to Prostate Cancer UK. Honesty & transparancy are cherished vaules at My Moustache Cup, which is why, Moustache Cup have provided a breakdown of what that 25% really means.


In Monetary Terms:

Here's a breakdown to show how much money is donated to charity using a £40 cup as an example:


The potter makes the cup. Moustache Cup pays for all the potter's materials and of course the potter's wage.


Depending on how big the cup is, how much clay & materials are used, how many cups the potter makes during one sitting, and how many go through the firing together can reduce/increase costs by a few pound.


Around 50% of the cost of the cup goes back to My Moustache Cup in admin fees, taxes, I.T including site fees, packaging, marketing, office supplies and minus delivery costs. We try to keep costs down to a minimum and recycle whenever possible. See our Green Ethos pledge.


On average this leaves £20 left of profit from a £40 cup. 25% of this, (£5.00) is the donated to the charity: Prostate Cancer UK. This leaves us with a bit of pocket money, and helps towards a cause we feel passionate about.


This works out at 12.5% of the total cup price.