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because a 'tache is the best form of defence!

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Hand Made in Britain

About My Moustache Cup Missions

My Moustache Cup was set up when we realised that moustache cups were hard to come by, and had been taken over by cups with pictures of moustaches on them. The Lancashire-based My Moustache Cup dares to be a traditional and honest business, where customer service & ethical values come first. This little English business has a big heart and aims to make a real difference to the world.

Moustache Cup Green Ethos:

Moustache Cup Local Ethos:

Moustache Cup Missions:

My Moustache Cup takes being eco-friendly very seriously. It's important to My Moustache Cup to reduce the deforestation and depletion of our natural resources and reduce pollution. My Moustache Cup wants to stop the ever-growing mounds of non-biodegradable waste on our earth, and acres of rubish in our seas. My Moustache Cup only has to take a quick look at the beautiful English countryside to realise it's worth preserving.


That's why all My Moustache Cup packaging components are always recyclable, re-usable or biodegradable. We are constantly looking for additional processes, suppliers and materials to help reduce our environmental impact.

My Moustache Cup is based in Lancashire. Our potter Thomas was born in Lancaster, our company director Rebecca is from Morecambe and  the companies we employ for printing and packaging are based in the North West. We design, make, deliver and even bank in Lancashire. We do not have any overseas offices or services.

There are a lot of problems in this world, but Moustache Cup was set up in order to solve 3 of them, the three 'R's


One: Relieve moustachioed men from wetting their bristles.

Two: Revive traditional English earthenware.

Three: Rid the world of prostate cancer.


Ok, so the ambitious third one is trickier to solve than a rubix cube, but we can help by giving Prostate Cancer UK 25% of our profits to put towards research, support and treatments.


Because, after all, a 'tache is the best form of defence.