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because a 'tache is the best form of defence!

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Can't find the perfect mug, matching slipware set

or moustache teacup?


Visit our BESPOKE CUPS page and have a moustache cup

or moustache-less cup specially hand made to your instructions!

Each Gregarious Gentleman is thrown out of a 400g-450g ball of red earthenware clay. They are the cups with the smallest capacities. They are petite and can easily be held with a finger or two.

3 men merged

Every Fetching Fella starts out as a 500g-550g ball of red clay. This medium sized cup is similar in size to the average mug you might have at home, but unlike those whisker wetters, these cups are set apart by an elegant moustache appendage.

All Dandy Dwellers are made out of 600g-650g of red earthenware clay.  They are the cups with the largest capacities. They are chunkier in stature than their peers and would complement a bush of a beard exquisitely.

Simply divine Moustache Teacups with equally divine matching saucer.  800g clay is used for both cup and saucer. An perfect gift for a friend, beloved or yourself!

Matching sets of moustache and moustache-less cups. A perfect duo of slipware cups; unique and hand made two-of-a-kinds. 25% of profits go to Prostate Cancer UK.

beguiling buddy and co

Terrffic Tankards for the most charming of chaps. A whopping 750-800g of red earthenware clay goes towards these hefty pint holders.